Certification credit points

Attendance at the World Congress will be rewarded with continuing education credit points from the following certification bodies. Trade show visitors will also receive continuing education credits for participating in workshops.

  • American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics & Paediatric (ABC)
  • German Association for Physiotherapy (ZVK) e.V. / PHYSIO DEUTSCHLAND
  • Working Group for Orthopaedic Footwear Technology (AGOS)
  • Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification in Orthopaedic Technology (IQZ)
  • Saxony State Chamber of Medical Practitioners (SLÄK)
  • Ortho Reha Suisse (ORS)

Continuing education credits from the Saxony State Chamber of Medical Practitioners are recognised by the following institutions:

  • Austrian Chamber of Medical Practitioners
  • swiss orthopaedics

Credits World Congress

Tuesday, May 14, 202441488*66
Wednesday, May 15, 20247,751688*66
Thursday, May 16, 20247,51688*66
Friday, May 17, 202461488*66

*Max. 12 points for the total duration of the congress.

Credits Trade Shows

 AGOS WorkshopsIQZ Trade show
Tuesday, May 14, 202426
Wednesday, May 15, 202426
Thursday, May 16, 202426
Friday, May 17, 202426

Certification for physicians

Registration for the acquisition of continuing education points from the Saxon State Medical Association, the Austrian Medical Association and swiss orthopaedics takes place via the OTWorld ticket shop, stating the EFN number. Attendance of at least three congress sessions marked "CME continuing education" in the congress programme is mandatory.

Certification for prosthetists and orthotists, orthopaedic shoe technicians and physiotherapists

To acquire certification credit points, scan the certification QR code, which is available in the congress halls and at the congress office. After the World Congress, you will receive your certificate for submission to the certification bodies IQZ, ZVK and ORS by e-mail, stating your address details. For certification with AGOS and ABC, your address details will be sent to the certification bodies.