19 - 22 May 2026 OTWorld

PhD Daniel Petcu

Pedorthic Art


Daniel Petcu is a footwear engineer with a Ph.D. awarded based on a thesis focused on foot orthoses for diabetic feet. He has developed the new concept of Pedorthic Information Modeling defined as the environment for the digital representation of the aesthetic, physical, and functional characteristics of the information model of medical footwear. The concept was translated into practice through a Grasshopper visual programming code and 3D-printing of foot orthoses and orthopedic footwear. The Pedorthic Information Modeling concept and the Grasshopper code are being continuously developed and tested to be further validated by practice. They have been presented at significant events such as OTWorld in Leipzig, IVO-OST in Koln, and FootPRINT3D in Barcelona.


Pedorthic Art

Program Items

15/05/2024 10:30 AM - 11:45 AM Free Paper
Room 4
CME Certification for Physicians
Orthopaedic footwear technology
PhD Daniel Petcu (Pedorthic Art) PhD Sarah Hemler