Exhibitor Workshop

Improving Speed and Precision in Custom Fit O&P Product Creation: Customizable Software and same-day 3D printing


Short description

LeoShape, powered by Leopoly's CAD/3D design engine, is revolutionizing the O&P industry with its versatile, modular, and scalable solution. This easy-to-use web-based software offers a white-label solution with customizable front-end options and a modular feature set, ensuring it meets the unique production needs of each user. Learn how its semi-automatic features and clinical precision streamline the creation of custom insoles, AFOs, spinal braces, and shoe lasts.

Finally, we will demonstrate how you bring these custom designs into production with 3D printing. Shiden Yohannes will present the 3D printing workflow using Formlabs Fuse 1+ SLS 3D printer.


Event Location

Room M25, -1 Level, Messehaus


„Customize orthotic design with ease ” - The LeoShape product line is based on Leopoly’s own CAD / 3D design engine, a versatile, modular and scalable solution....