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MOWA - a Trendsetting 4.0 Orthotic System

MOWA Healthcare AG
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MOWA is a new, customized, dynamic 4.0 orthosis system for the treatment of paralysis in the lower extremities, from infants to adults.


The correct orthotic treatment of the lower extremities is very complex and requires tremendous expertise and experience from orthotists. Currently, there is no scientific study worldwide that provides evidence as to when which type of orthosis should be used and how it should be constructed. Orthotists therefore only have the option of gaining their own experience throughout the years (trial and error).

The MOWA system fundamentally changes the patient care process and provides orthotists with a digital tool that enables them to meet the high demands more quickly and efficiently.With its new approach, the AI-based MOWA system utilizes the full potential of simulation technology, which is based on well-founded cause-and-effect relationships, and thus enables optimal patient care through customized lower leg orthoses.

Get to know the new care system and its benefits during the workshop. We look forward to meeting you. Find out more now at www.mowa.com


Jan-Hagen Schröder
MOWA Healtcare AG
Manuel Westervelt
MOWA Healtcare AG

Event Location

Room M24, -1 Level, Messehaus


With MOWA you will encounter the next generation of orthotics! MOWA is a new, modular, customized, and dynamic 4.0 orthotic system for the treatment of paralysi...