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Elevating Orthotics and Prosthetics With Our Global CAD/CAM Solution for all Human Body Devices: AFOs, Prosthetics, Spinal Braces, Helmets, and More

Eqwal digital division
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Eqwal Digital Division unites Rodin4D, Vorum, and Techmed3D, merging distinct expertise to revolutionise O&P care. Together, we combine our extensive experience in the orthopedic field, aiming to advance digital solutions and innovation tailored to the evolving needs of the podiatry industry. Our commitment is unwavering - to lead with cutting-edge digital solutions, precisely tailored to O&P industry needs, enhancing patient care and innovation.

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Room M22, Main Level, Messehaus


At the forefront of innovation, Eqwal merges expertise in orthopedic product design across patient care, digital, and manufacturing sectors. Each brand within t...