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Streamlining the Digital Orthotics Production: LaserCAM and the Fuse 1+ Workflow

Formlabs GmbH
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Additive manufacturing offers medical supply companies and orthopedic device manufacturers a variety of benefits that can significantly increase the efficiency and flexibility of patient care. In this workshop,presented by Formlabs Healthcare and LaserCAM Orthotics, an integrated end-to-end manufacturingworkflow will be presented.

This event offers the opportunity to gain an insight into a manufacturing system which is used by commercial laboratories around the world to manage their complete additive manufacturing workflow. In addition, you will learn about strategies to seamlessly integrate additive manufacturing into the workflow and how 3D printing enables medical professionals to produce customized medical devices according to patient needs.


Shiden Yohannes
Formlabs GmbH
Konrad Job
LaserCAM Orthotics

Event Location

Room M21, Main Level, Messehaus