19 - 22 May 2026 OTWorld
03/05/2024 OTWorld

New Special Show: Orthopaedic Treatment and Care in Crisis Regions

Conflicts and wars cast long shadows, leaving people physically and emotionally wounded and robbing them of their lives, their futures and their hope. Currently, millions of people around the world are living under extremely difficult conditions after suffering severe strokes of fate. The OTWorld 2024 special show dedicated to the provision of orthopaedic treatment and care in crisis regions will be taking a look at these issues.

The number of regions affected by environmental disasters, famines, wars and other crises has increased significantly in recent years. Millions of people around the world are living under extremely difficult conditions. Many have suffered severe strokes of fate and are struggling with the consequences. In such cases, it is not only vital to provide care immediately after the injury. Lifelong support is also needed so that people living with disabilities in crisis regions can return to everyday life.

Exhibition: "Barrier:Zones – Living and Surviving With Disabilities Worldwide"

The centrepiece of the new special show is the "Barrier:Zones" exhibition by the Handicap International organisation. It features 18 stories, 18 personal tragedies and 18 larger-than-life portraits of people with disabilities who live in conflict, war or crisis zones. The people in the portraits are fighting for the right to live their lives in dignity despite their disabilities. They face a daily struggle whether they are in the Gaza Strip, in refugee camps in the Congo and Ukraine or living in villages in Uganda and Vietnam.

Photojournalist Till Mayer worked with the aid organisation Handicap International on the concept and creation of the travelling exhibition. It consists of 21 roll-up displays with impressive black and white photos, the corresponding stories and a brochure in easy language.

Associations and organisations such as Superhumans, EmPower and Pro Uganda will also be at the special show to present their work and report on their activities.

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