19 - 22 May 2026 OTWorld
29/11/2023 OTWorld

Happiness Researcher Holds Keynote Address at OTWorld

Can your work make you happy? This question will be addressed by Berlin professor of psychology Prof Ricarda Rehwaldt in a keynote speech in which she provides inspiration for more happiness and satisfaction in our daily professional lives.

In her keynote address entitled "The Combination of Creativity and Perfection - Working Happily in Medical Professions", Prof Rehwaldt will offer insights into her over 15 years of research on happiness. As a professor of psychology, she will examine the factors affecting well-being at work and look at the measures each of us can implement to improve our personal happiness in a professional environment.

Before studying business communications, Prof Rehwaldt trained as a carpenter. As a result of her personal experience of working in a trade, she feels that such occupations can offer a particularly meaningful contribution to personal happiness. "I think that the skilled trades, unlike other professions, have great potential for making people happy. As a tradesperson, your work shows visible results and often offers the chance to interact with customers, directly enabling you to see that they're pleased and how much your work has helped them. That's extremely meaningful. It is so important that your work is meaningful, and this is experienced more rarely in an academic or office environment", Prof Rehwaldt emphasises.

Prof Dr Ricarda Rehwaldt is a professor of psychology at the IU International University of Applied Sciences and CEO of Felicicon GmbH, an agency that advises managers and executives on practical ways of applying the lessons of positive psychology in their companies.

The editorial office of our media partner, Verlag Orthopädie.Technik, interviewed Prof Rehwaldt ahead of the event. You can read the full interview here (only available in German).

Prof. Ricarda Rehwaldt, Marcus Gloger
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