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05/05/2022 OTWorld

No Experience Needed: Leopoly's White Label 3D Design Software Gives Clinicians a User-Friendly, Streamlined 3D Orthotic Design Process

Now orthopedic doctors can create orthotic and prosthetic designs for their patients with Leopoly's new 3D design and customization tools, which streamline the 3D design and printing process without the need to learn any complex new skills.

Leopoly , a leading provider of 3D design software, today announced the launch of its latest software solution for orthopedic doctors. The new solution is a white labeled version of the LeoEngine software, which was already used and integrated by clients, such as HP, Dr. Orto, Lowe’s, and clinics in the US. It has been designed for easy integration into the clinical workflow and pre-existing software solutions, marking a world-first in the additive manufacturing industry.

Leopoly's tool is a big step forward in the digitization of the traditional production workflow, offering a complete end-to-end solution for clinicians without the need to spend weeks learning the intricacies of designing in CAD and 3D. With its user-friendly modular approach, a professional with little to no experience can now easily design, optimize, and create. This welcome boon has caught the attention of global organizations seeking to optimize their own 3D design solutions with integrations.

"Leopoly's software provides an elegant solution that enables orthotic and prosthetic clinicians to deliver the best possible patient outcomes without developing a new CAD and 3D printing skillset," said Roland Manyai, CEO of Leopoly.

"No other CAD or 3D design and printing software currently offers such a high level of sophistication while keeping the user interface simple, focusing only on the tools relevant and valuable to the field they are used in – all in a scalable way. With the integration of Leopoly's software, orthopedists now have access to a powerful software that's easy to use without compromising on accuracy, consistency, or customization. In turn, they can offer their patients better fittings and higher-quality prosthetic products."

Leopoly's new 3D software offers improved dimensional accuracy and repeatable consistency to make material, structural, and cosmetic adjustments to orthotic devices a breeze. At the same time, industry-standard modifications are enabled for common orthoses such as the heel seat, arch modification, medial flange, and heel lift.

The software also comes with a 3D visualization tool that doctors can use to show custom designs to their patients, improving their experience and understanding by boosting patient involvement in the orthotic design process. The software comes with a wide range of pre-installed product customizations, including ankles, elbows, feet, fingers, hands, knees, and wrists.

The software's value has not gone unnoticed by other businesses seeking integrations into their own workflow, including Lowe's Home Improvement and Bosch, which have allowed them to customize their products in home accessories and beyond. Other brands, like Hewlett Packard and Dr. Orto, have also integrated Leopoly's white label software into their own medical software solutions.

The increasing popularity of Leopoly's additive manufacturing software comes from its user-friendly, streamlined design that also offers a future-proofed, cross-platform access to design through Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) alongside more traditional methods. Combined with a modular design, innovative 3D scan processing capabilities, and a fluid onboarding process, Leopoly's software offers a seamless 3D design and printing experience for end users in multiple industries.

Leopoly will showcase its solution at the upcoming Rapid + TCT Event (May 19-22, Booth 1246) and the OTWorld International Trade Show and World Congress (May 10-13, Booth D26 / E25). To find out how Leopoly's additive manufacturing solutions can help digitize and expedite the design workflow, please visit https://leopoly.com/ . For all general and media inquiries, contact Zsofia Peter by email at zsofia.peter@leopoly.com , or call +1-650-781-5822.

About Leopoly

Leopoly is an industry leader in the digital design and additive manufacturing industry that develops innovative 3D, AR, and VR design solutions. Its sophisticated software is easy to use for beginners, yet powerful enough to accommodate the needs of professionals seeking to explore new horizons in design. For more information about the company, please visit Leopoly’s website.

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