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Alex Goodman

Comb O & P (Product Manager)


Alex Goodman is a product manager and engineer at Comb O&P where he oversees the development of 3D Scanning products. Alex graduated with distinction from the University of Wisconsin: Madison with a degree in biomedical engineering and has a breadth of experience in medical innovation across research, engineering, and product development.


Comb O & P


11.05.2022 10:00 - 10:45 Ausstellerworkshop

Aussteller: Comb O & P

Scan patients with just your iPhone and the Comb App. This technical presentation will cover the Comb scanning iPhone application, modification tools, and how to scan lower-extremity patients. Comb O&P offers the most portable, intuitive, and cost-effective scanning device in the industry. Do you want to level up your practice with the digital workflow? Attend this workshop and learn how to easily scan AFOs, BKs, FOs, TLSOs, and all other patient shapes in O&P.

Messehaus, M22
Alex Goodman (Comb O & P)
Fertigungstechnik | Digitalisierung