14 - 17 May 2024 OTWorld

PhD Małgorzata Szmurło





Program Items

11/05/2022 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM Exhibitor Workshop

Exhibitor: Ortheo3D

Limb's alignment has a crucial influence on how orthoses work. Learn about experiences on how new technologies enabled us to create innovative tools in order to make the orthotist's job easier in this field. Find out how to apply correction for 3D scanning and adjust orthosis’s alignment during fitting in no time! Finally, discover how you personally can apply that in your practice and how this can influence your daily practice.

Messehaus, M22
PhD Małgorzata Szmurło (Ortheo3D) Małgorzata Serafin-Pawełek (Ortheo3D) Kinga Warjan (Ortheo3D)