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Alexis Godenir

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12/05/2022 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM Exhibitor Workshop

Exhibitor: BIONIT LABS S.R.L.

The concept behind Adam’s Hand functioning is inspired by thehuman hand synergistic behavior, for which the complexity of thehuman hand movements can be reduced in some fundamental synergieswhich occur during the most common hand postures: no gripselection is required, since the hand automatically adapts tograsped objects’ shape and size. How? Through underactuation: a single degree of actuation can leadto the actuation of several degrees of freedom - all the fingersmove together, but if one of them stops, the other fingers keepbending, until they completely envelope the object. Other poli-articulated hands implement underactuation within eachsingle finger, but the Adam’s Hand implements it also amongdifferent fingers, leading to a higher adaptability to objects’ shape and force distributions, thus resulting in a highly improvedoverall robustness. The resulting robust, anthropomorphic device shows enhanced biomimetic performance and human-like grasping behavior, thattogether with the improved ease of use, are able to perfectlysupport users in all the main activities of daily living,providing them with the confidence they need to express their fullpotential.

Messehaus, M24
Alexis Godenir (BionIT Labs)
Prosthetics | Biomechanics | Treatment Area Mobility Limitations