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New Horizons in Custom Shoe Production using Digitalization

Aussteller: LBT Kft.


Based on the mathematical analysis of over 4 thousand scanned feet and 20 years of data collected through conventional methods, we designed a series of lasts that covers 95-98% of personalised diabetic shoes. Our shoe models were created by a highly qualified designer, with an option for patients to create their own colour combination online.This is all supported by an ERP system that handles all aspects of production.


The greatest challenge of custom-made shoe production is creating a shoe that is comfortable and fits problematic, diabetic feet while adhering to current fashion standards. Through our current project, we analysedvast amounts of patient data collected over more than 20 years to create a last and shoe model set that can replace custom made shoe production for more than 95% of our patients. Our unique, fashionable, and fully customizable designs have been meticulouslytested to confirm their quality and effectiveness. Our product combines digital process innovation, the digitalisation of production technologies, and a professionally validated therapeutic shoe database. From interactive shoe configuration all the way tothe complete monitoring of the production process, our system, based on 30 years of professional experience, provides the best practice procedure in a way that warehousing, or the constant presence of a trained expert is not required. We recommend our productto any company that would like to provide their patients with custom-made comfort shoes that represent a high medical quality and adhere to current MDR regulations on medical devices.



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