Innovative Sitzschalenversorgung mit 3D-gedruckten Gitternetzstrukturen : How 3D Printed Lattices Enable Customized Seating Shells

Aussteller: BASF Forward AM


The use of digital manufacturing techniques such as software modeling and scanning has become commonplace in modern seat shell manufacturing. However, the model is conventionally milled out of a foam block - this is where 3D printing can reveal an innovative alternative. VitalCentrum Hodey KG, the medical equipment specialist, and BASF Forward AM provide insights into their joint development: The combination of 3D printing, the material TPU and digitally generated lattice structures achieves numerous advantages such as new individualization options, outstanding air circulation as well as shock absorption.


Marta Ruscello
BASF Forward AM
Fank Hodey
BASF Forward AM