Exploring the Benefits of Seamless Compression Clothes and ASD

Aussteller: Thuasne Deutschland GmbH


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In this seminar attendees will explore the new and innovative application of Knit-Rite Seamless Compression Clothing and ASD and associated clinical benefits. Learners will investigate the clinical scenarios and development of the Knit-Rite products that provide patients with a truly seamless garment which improve compliance and comfort!

Digitaler Innovation Talk


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Since 1923, Knit-Rite has almost 100 years as an international leader in textiles for the Orthotic and Prosthetic Industry. Having started by providing war amputees with wool prosthetic socks, Knit-Rite has improved material science and innovation to reflect the needs of patients. This talk will provide further discovery of Knit-Rite’s truly seamless applications to better benefit patients.


Jak Kesselring
Thuasne USA & Knit-Rite USA


Als innovativer und international agierender Produzent von medizinischen Hilfsmitteln unterstützt THUASNE die Menschen weltweit dabei, ihre Gesundheit in die ei...