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Triple Action®: Static & Dynamic Alignment for Orthotists

Aussteller: Becker Orthopedic


The Triple Action® ankle joint was developed to enhance the clinical impact of AFOs by providing orthotists with an advanced ankle component that can predictably reduce pathologic gait deviations in response to component adjustments. The ability of Triple Action to improve functional gait derives from its high level of adjustability of initial resistance to ankle motion, stiffness and alignment. These features form the basis for the evidence-based adjustment algorithm called the Systematic Tuning Procedure for Triple Action.

This program provides a functional overview of the Triple Action with clinical applications. Learn how this unique and advanced orthotic ankle component can positively impact your clinical outcomes, while enhancing your collaboration with other allied health professionals in the treatment of a variety of pathologic neuromotor conditions.


Nicholas LeCursi, CO
Nicholas LeCursi, CO is a Certified Orthotist and Engineer with more than three decades experience. As an orthotist he has specialized in the treatment of lower extremity neuromotor deficits in children and adults. An inventor, researcher, author and educator, Nick has presented nationally and internationally on the field of orthotics.


Nicholas LeCursi
Becker Orthopedic


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