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OrthoSOLID - a user friendly software platform for creating custom made 3D-printed wrist orthoses, protection helmets and prosthetic stump sockets

Aussteller: Orthobroker BV


At Orthobroker we understand the unique opportunities for customised orthopaedic products presented by the combination of manufacturing technology, patient-empowered personalisation and digitization.

OrthoSOLID® is our online platform where orthotists and prosthetists can digitally create and easily order durable orthoses and prostheses. Our orthopaedic products can be tailored to the patient’s specific needs to support their rehabilitation process and improve their quality of life.

How to go from scan to 3D print with OrthoSOLID®?
1. Upload scan to platform
2. Indicate anatomical reference points
3. OrthoSOLID® optimises the fitting
4. Add any accessories
5. Personalise the design
6. Order and start the 3D printing production process

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At Orthobroker we have designed three product lines for our OrthoSOLID® platform to lower the labour intensity of the production process while providing optimal functionality.

1. Protection helmet
The CASC is our customised crash helmet suitable for both adults and children. Extensive research is performed on the buffer structure inside the helmet in order to comply with the optimal functional properties while providing good air circulation. The CASC helmet is created in the OrthoSOLID® platform based on a 3D scan of the patient’s head and is highly customisable. The orthotist can make both aesthetic and functional adaptations and add the necessary and stylish accessories.

2. 3D-printed wrist orthoses
The CARPI is a customised orthosis with different configurations for the arm, wrist and hand. The brace is shaped around the 3D scan of the patient’s arm such that it is high-quality and uses half the surface area and a third of the weight of a conventional orthotic. The orthosis is comfortable for everyday use and can be customised in shape, thickness and even with personalised patterns.

3. Transtibial prosthetic socket
The NEXUM TT is a transtibial prosthetic socket which is digitally created, based on a 3D scan of the patient’s residual limb.

The expertise of orthopaedic technicians is extensively researched and served as base for our AI model, which predicts the optimal fit for the patient using the 3D scan.
The suggested fit can further be manipulated by the prosthetist on our OrthoSOLID® platform. This enables adaptations of the socket shape to conform the specific condition of the patient. Different design configurations are provided and are compatible with multiple suspension systems.


Elien Van Steen
Orthobroker BV


Messehaus, M24


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