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Exhibitor Workshop

New product Introductions from Allard International!

Exhibitor: Allard International

Short description

ALFESS-The future of FES treatment in the management of drop foot!
KiddieFLOW - A significant new addition to the Paediatric AFO range!


ALFESS™-The future of FES treatment in the management of drop foot
Introducing ALFESS, the latest addition to the Allard AFO product range, using Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) to improve gait in patients with diminished foot and toe clearance. ALFESS is a new low profile, light weight orthosis, incorporating fully integreated electrodes and single hand operation. The effectiveness and unique features of the product will be demonstrated with case study video or live patient demonstration.

KiddieFLOW™- A significant new addition to the Paediatric AFO range
In 2022, our groundbreaking ToeOFF product will celebrate 25 years since its market introduction. Following in the same path of incorporating superior design, functionality, and highly engineered composite materails, we now introduce KiddieFLOW™, the latest addition to our paediatric range of composite AFO’s, giving a more dynamic and flexible footplate resulting in greater control of foot positioning, encouraging ”push off” and giving dorsiflexion assistance at the swing phase of gait.


David Nordenberg-Steiman
Allard International

Event Location

Messehaus, M26


Allard International offer innovative orthotic solutions that help to improve function and quality of life for individuals with physical challenges. Allard Inte...