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Exhibitor Workshop

Rodin 4D - Your CAD/CAM solution for all human body devices: Insoles, AFOs, Prosthetics, Spinal Braces, Helmets and more.

Exhibitor: Rodin4D

Short description

Join us for this workshop with a full overview of all Rodin 4D’s CAD/CAM solutions process…. from scan to final device including the new version of our software Cube.


Discover a global CAD/CAM solution for orthopaedics. Rodin4D specializes in the development of computer software, applications, robots, and 3D scanners for the orthopaedic industry. Thanks to constant innovation, we offer our clients productive and easy to use solutions:

  • 3D SCANNERS: To optimize measurements taking
  • SOFTWARE AND APPLICATIONS: to Design your devices freely with NEO and Cube (new tools available)
  • ROBOTS AND MILLING MACHINES: Machines adapted for each type of manufacturing

In this workshop, you will have the possibility to learn more about the full range of Rodin4D’s products and updates explained through practical cases.


Event Location

CCO, Room 7


Rodin4D is the leader in Global CAD/CAM solutions for orthopaedics. Established in 2004 by France's largest custom-made orthopaedic group, Rodin4D specializes i...