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27 - 29 October 2020
Overview 2/1/18

OTWorld 2018: Programme Committee presents keynote speakers for 2018

Every two years OTWorld invites the who’s who in its field to the World Congress. Highlights include the keynotes by well-known experts who cast a knowledgeable light on the major questions of the sector.

Among those who have already presented impressive keynotes at the worlds leading sector get-together are Hugh Herr (MIT, USA), Martin Riedmiller (Osnabrück, Germany), Bengt Engström and Max Ortiz-Catalan (Sweden), Harmen van der Linde (Nimwegen, Netherlands) and Robert Gailey (Miami, USA). The Programme Committee, headed by Volker Bühren, has now made its selection for 2018. On every day of the World Congress the public will be able to look forward to an internationally outstanding speaker, who can be heard exclusively in Room 1.

Felix Brunner: Never give up

He loves mountaineering, climbing, skiing and the active life. When ice climbing, he fell into a 30-m deep crevice. Following a dramatic rescue, he survived with serious injuries. In a coma, thirteen months in intensive care, and over 60 operations so far. What no-one could then believe, is today reality: Brunner has made his first off-road crossing of the Alps by hand bike and is training to qualify for the Winter Olympics in slalom and giant slalom. In his talk he will show the value of motivation in the rehabilitation process and why everyone involved in patient care should follow his motto: “Never give up!”

Christoph Josten: The Spine

His CV reads like a dictionary of the leading surgeon’s associations. Thus, Josten was on the executive board of the German Association for Accident Surgery and vice president of the German Association for Orthopaedics and Accident Surgery. He has also been president of the North German Orthopaedics Association, the German Association for Accident Surgery and the German Spinal Association. So, when it comes to spinal surgery, he certainly knows what he is talking about. In his talk Josten will tell of his many years’ experience as a medical practitioner and show how the care of spinal injuries can be improved in collaboration with technical orthopaedics.  

Robert Riener: Rehabilitation 4.0

Robert Riener in his talk Rehabilitation 4.0, will show the fantastic opportunities provided by the latest rehabilitation technology, but also the current deficits and future risks which these technologies pose for Man and society. Riener is Professor of Sensorimotor Systems in the Department of Health Sciences and Technology (D-HEST) at the National Polytechnic of Zurich (ETH) and develops both robots and interaction techniques to support movement learning in rehabilitation and in sport. He is the author and co-author of over 400 peer-reviewed articles and 22 patents, has won numerous prizes, and is the joint editor of several journals. In addition, he is the founder and organiser of the Cybathlon.

Ronald Triolo: Neurostimulation

He has already left the exoskeleton behind. Triolo is Professor at Case Western Reserve University and Senior Scientist in the U.S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs. His speciality is neuro-stimulation in cases of paralysis through spinal injuries or other dysfunctions of the central nervous system. Through the provision of functional electrical stimulation (FES) patients with severe spinal injuries have been able to walk again, or even to ride bicycles. His talk will centre on illustrative case examples, showing how technology, based on a thorough understanding of the human neuromuscular skeletal system and biomechanics, is capable of application. The task is to develop and evaluate this technology and, following clinical viability studies, to translate it into concepts of patient care.

About OTWorld
The International Trade Show and the World Congress OTWorld represent a unique offering for orthopaedic technicians, orthopaedic shoemakers, rehabilitation technicians, therapists and doctors, engineers, medical supplies retailers and staff of health insurance companies and healthcare funding organisations. In 2016, OTWorld attracted 21,300 visitors from 86 countries, together with 542 exhibitors from 43 nations. The steering organisation for OTWorld is the German Association of Orthopaedic Technology (Bundesinnungsverband für Orthopädie-Technik). The OTWorld brand is owned by Confairmed GmbH, who also organise the Congress. Leipziger Messe GmbH is responsible for the trade show.

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