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Diverse Conference Programme at the Technical Forum for Rehabilitation at OTWorld 2020

Diverse Conference Programme at the Technical Forum for Rehabilitation at OTWorld 2020

The Rehab Technology working group met for the third time this year in mid-November. The main goals were to finalise the concept for the 2020 Technical Forum for Rehabilitation and to define the conference programme.

At the working group's first meeting of the year, they confirmed the Technical Forum for Rehabilitation's cooperation with concept partner rehaKIND. The current topic is "People with Cerebral Palsy (CP) – well cared for all their life". Cerebral Palsy (CP) is the term used to describe movement disorders caused by early childhood brain damage. The second meeting dealt with the structure of the special exhibition. In the Technical Forum for Rehabilitation, the group quickly and unanimously agreed to present the life phases of a CP patient from childhood to adulthood, as they pass through individual wards and the respective care programmes. In their third meeting, this concept was finalised and an accompanying conference programme was agreed upon.

Extensive Conference Programme Featuring Tours, Discussions and Consultation Hours

The conference programme is aimed at visitors from throughout the care system and is also intended to explicitly address therapists and cost bearers. For the staff of the health care providers, there will be an incentive programme and a tour under the motto "How to care for children - what must be included in the contract".

Further planned topics include:

  • "Orthopaedic Treatment and Care Matrix for Cerebral Palsy" - a practical guide for the treatment of children with CP (in cooperation with Network CP)
  • "CODE-SET for ICF-based Care Structure" - emphasis on participation in orthopaedic treatment and care (in cooperation with Network CP)
  • ICF and everyday résumé management in an interdisciplinary team
  • The Contract for Children's Rehabilitation - standardisation, de-bureaucratisation and quality assurance of care
  • Orthopaedic and Rehab Technology - Interdisciplinary Exchange and Incorporation of Patient Requirements Ensures Success
  • Needs assessments only work WITH those we care for
  • "Interdisciplinary Consultation Hour"
  • A holistic view of child care, opportunities for specialists
  • Consultation hour for legal issues

Exhibitors Are Enthusiastic About the New Concept

Exhibitors also like the idea of depicting the treatment process using a person's life cycle as an example. Netti by Alu Rehab, Meyra, Ottobock, McLean REHAtechnik, ATO FORM, MK Medizintechnik, BeRollKa-aktiv Rollstuhltechnik GmbH. Among others, Promedicare and TalkTools have already registered.

The whole OTWorld 2020 programme will be available on the event homepage in January 2020:

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