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News Overview 12/16/19
Self-awareness in Healthcare Supplies Shop

Self-awareness in Healthcare Supplies Shop "We want to make people's lives easier."

On 3.12.2019, the Specialist Medical Trade working group met for the second time to discuss the offers for specialist medical trade at OTWorld 2020. The focus was the design of the "Healthcare Supplies Shop Forum", linking the specialist medical trade with "Technical Forum for Rehabilitation", the presentation in the pavilion of shop design, as well as the collection of other topics for the "Open Forum".

The working group is made up of executives, manufacturers, and service providers from the medical supply trade. Along with the Rehab Technology working group and the Orthopaedic Footwear Technology working group, it is one of three ongoing working groups. Patrick Grunau, Head of Corporate Communications & Marketing at rehaVital Gesundheitsservice GmbH, was welcomed as a new member of the working group for the first time.

Change - The Industry in Transition

The Healthcare Supplies Shop Forum is the platform at OTWorld where topics that currently affect healthcare supplies shops are presented. The working group members explored these issues at their second meeting. There was agreement that the industry is currently being transformed by a number of factors and that upheavals are taking place. The MDR, e-prescriptions, specialist recruitment, brand development, and communication strategies all play a role in the practice-oriented programme - all under the keyword "change".

The forum will also speak directly to the employees of the healthcare supplies shop and give them the opportunity to expand their professional competence in the care of patients and customers. Managers and owners of healthcare shops will receive suggestions and practical assistance for getting their company ready for the future and keeping an eye on trends and necessary changes.

Together with the working group, the project team is looking for potential speakers and developing a compact daily programme for each target group.

"Technical rehabilitation forum" - Interdisciplinary care concepts

The technical rehabilitation forum at OTWorld will show the modern implementation of individual and patient-friendly aids by an inter-professional care team through practical examples. The new topic for the technical rehabilitation forum is "People with CP". Cerebral palsy (CP) is the term used to describe movement disorders caused by early childhood brain damage. In the forum the different phases of a CP patient's life will be presented as a route through life from childhood to adulthood, with the respective care spectrum at individual stations. The idea is to use the upheavals in the phases of life to show the changing needs of the patients and the new and/or adapted medical aids they require. This presentation is also interesting for sponsors. The Specialist Medical Trade working group was enthusiastic about this idea and immediately emphasised the significance of the interdisciplinary presentation. "We want to make life easier for people" - this is no doubt how the self-image of the healthcare supplies shops should be described. Ideas for other diseases that could be presented in this way, such as diabetes, obesity and stroke, were immediately developed. The possibility of presenting the individual outlines of the profession in the care team on the basis of the life path was also welcomed.

The New Pavilion of Shop Design: We're More Than Looks!

In 2018, under the title "Aunt Emma shops are so yesterday - modern staging for medical aids", products were staged in modern scenes that provided customers with a welcoming environment in the pavilion of shop design. 2020 will bring this topic one step further. Under the heading "We're more than looks!" a combination of competence, advanced education, product display and shop design will be presented. Participants will be trained - independent of the company - on clinical pictures in guided tours. The product display is exemplary. The diverse products of the numerous exhibitors can then be viewed immediately at the exhibitor stands.

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