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Profession and calling

Profession and calling

Professor Volker Bühren to be new OTWorld Congress President

The Chair of the World Congress Programme Committee changes for every new OTWorld. The baton for the 2018 event was passed, last summer, to Professor Volker Bühren (Dr. med), a specialist in surgery, orthopaedics and accident surgery. Alongside his role as Professor of Accident Surgery at the Private Paracelsus Medical University, Salzburg, he is also Medical Director and Clinical CEO for Reconstructive Accident Surgery and Orthopaedics at the employers insurance federation accident clinic in Murnau and Senior Consultant in the Department of Accident and Sports Orthopaedics at the Garmisch-Partenkirchen Medical Centre.

Since being appointed in Murnau in 1993, Professor Bühren has consistently pursued the goal of building the clinic into a complete, all-round trauma centre. Commenting on the importance of orthopaedic technology as part of a centre for inter-related holistic treatment, Bühren says: “The fact that the national accident insurance gives overall responsibility for treatment – with all available means – to the one agency has the advantage, that it is not only the initial treatment which takes place in that hospital, but all subsequent rehabilitation work, too, including the provision of mechanical aids. Murnau treats more patients with acute paraplegia than any other hospital in Germany. Orthopaedic technology and technical orthopaedics are, therefore, ever-present in the daily work with patients.” However, he also has personal reasons for being fascinated by the possibilities for treatment using mechanical aids, as his father was severely wounded in the war and had his leg amputated above the knee. Because of that, he says, he feels personally affected.

Over the last few years, he has already headed up events such as the Bavarian Surgeons Congress and the Congress of the Association of Southern German Orthopaedists and Trauma Surgeons. When considering the direction to be taken by the 2018 OTWorld Congress, Bühren will be relying on much that is tried and tested, whilst at the same time including new elements and emphasis: “I felt that the Congress Programme for OTWorld 2016 was very successful – so there is no need to change the main course of the proceedings. Of course, every congress needs a thematic overhaul, updated presentation formats and a personal president. As is only natural, since the latter works in the field of accident surgery and care, the principles in this field and the interface points with orthopaedic technology need to be made clear. But coverage of traditional topics, such as exoprosthetics and footwear provision, will in no way be reduced.”