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10 - 13 May 2022
News Overview 9/7/20
OTWorld.connect Will Serve as an Industry Discussion Forum for Current Policies

OTWorld.connect Will Serve as an Industry Discussion Forum for Current Policies

From 27 to 29 October 2020, international experts will be discussing creative ways of providing high-quality medical aids in the context of a "new normality" at OTWorld.connect. The sector-political panels and discussion rounds organised by the German Association of Orthopaedic Technology (BIV-OT) will celebrate the exchange of ideas under changing conditions

Various questions will be discussed: Can the aid industry survive without a safeguard? Does the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) exacerbate the crisis situation? What ideas does looking across borders generate - what is the global perspective on current challenges?

The panel discussion "The New Normal: Quality of Care after Corona" on 27 October (1 pm) on the first day of OTWorld.connect will pose fundamental questions about the future direction of healthcare: Will the corona crisis result in a fundamental change to the supply of orthopaedic treatment and care? Representatives from renowned associations and organisations will shed light on the impact of the corona pandemic on the future of orthopaedic treatment and care nationwide, and discuss the effects on the services offered by health insurance companies and the crisis-proofing of the health system, among other things.

Is the industry perceived as #systemrelevant - and what services are required for this? The experiences from the Corona crisis are summarised by the panel "Orthopaedic Treatment and Care: #systemrelevant" with representatives from leading service provider associations on 28 October (11 am).

First Corona, now MDR?

The political panel "MDR is Definitely Coming - is the Industry Sufficiently Prepared?" will focus on MDR in German and European contexts, and takes place in the afternoon of 28 October (2:45 pm) - with participants from the EU Parliament, the Federal Ministry of Health and from statutory health insurance providers, among others.

At the centre of the discussion "How is the Industry Doing? What Do the Numbers, Data and Facts Tell Us?" on 29 October (11 am), current study data and survey results, as well as the effects of digitalisation on the supply of assistive devices, will be presented.

The political panel "Focus on the World: Quality of Global Health Care - Corona Crisis and Other Challenges" on the afternoon of 29 October (2:45 pm), with top-level political representatives from the United Nations (UN) to the Federal Ministry of Health, will discuss the differences in the quality of care worldwide.

Hybrid Is the New "On Site"

Wednesday and Thursday's podiums will be supplemented with entertaining discussion rounds in a studio format with various guests presented by the OT publishing house. Trade visitors will be able to engage in a hybrid dialogue with the invited guests in a relaxed atmosphere. It will be hosted by Alf Reuter, President of the German Association of Orthopaedic Technology. Planned topics to be covered: "Are We Being Noticed? Relevance in the System" (28.10., 8 am), "First Corona, Now MDR" (28.10., 5:15 pm) and "Quality of Supply - Who Foots the Bill after Corona? (29.10., 8 am). Finally (29 October, 5:15 pm), current congress presidents Prof Dr Christoph Josten, Medical Director of the University Hospital Leipzig, and Michael Schäfer, master orthopaedic technician and managing director of Pohlig GmbH, will be looking ahead to OTWorld 2022 alongside their successors. Title: "Stay Connected! OTWorld On Repeat".

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