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NEW and Parallel to OTWorld: The TAR Conference

NEW and Parallel to OTWorld: The TAR Conference

The TAR Conference (Technically Assisted Rehabilitation) is a European forum that presents and discusses the latest technical innovations in rehabilitation. Parallel to OTWorld 2020, the TAR Conference will be held from 14 - 15 May 2020. Visitors, exhibitors and congress speakers at both events will have a global and unique overview of the latest technological innovations in rehabilitation. This parallel conference will be an exciting addition to OTWorld.

Prof Dr Marc Kraft, TAR Conference President and Managing Director of the Institute for Construction, Micro- and Medical Technology at the Technical University of Berlin, emphasises the synergy between the two events: "Taking place for the seventh time in 2020, the scientific conference TAR (Technically Assisted Rehabilitation) has been held every two years since its introduction in 2007. After being held at the Technical University in Berlin for the first twelve years the concept has now been redesigned to highlight the synergy potential. In May 2020 the international conference will for the first time take place concurrently with OTWorld in Leipzig. With its scientific orientation, the use of English as the conference language, the peer-reviewing of all contributions by renowned scientists and the publication of papers in the journal Biomedical Engineering, TAR 2020 is a wonderful complement to the practice-oriented world congress of OTWorld and the parallel leading international trade show for technical and medical rehabilitation. This is where science and practice meet in an ideal and easily recognizable way. Both conferences, TAR 2020 and OTWorld 2020, will enrich one another, and produce and share important scientific and practical knowledge that will benefit people with disabilities."

Prof Dr Klaus-Peter Hoffmann, the scientific programme chairperson at the TAR Conference and Head of Department at the Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering, describes the TAR Conference programme as follows: "In addition to prostheses and ortheses, TAR 2020 focuses on functional electrostimulation, neurotechnology, assistive technical systems and rehabilitation robotics. So far we have received 60 submissions for scientific contributions from nine countries, which are currently being assessed by experts in a peer-review process. This will ensure that the quality standards of this international conference demands are met. Furthermore, keynote lectures will present the latest developments and perspectives in advanced areas of research in the field of implantable assistance systems and rehabilitation technology, along with their clinical implementation. As a scientific event, TAR 2020 will consciously focus on cutting edge research into rehabilitation technology and, also with its connection to the more traditional OTWorld, it will take into account the current areas of application and perspectives of these new developments as well."

A complete programme for the TAR Conference will be available from January 2020 on the OTWorld website: