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10 - 13 May 2022
News Overview 10/7/14
OTWorld is behind us – OTWorld is ahead of us: preparations for 2016 are already under way

OTWorld is behind us – OTWorld is ahead of us: preparations for 2016 are already under way

After a successful OTWorld 2014 and a short summer break, planning for the next event in 2016 has already begun.

The Exhibitors Advisory Committee met at the beginning of September at the Leipzig Fair and Exhibition Centre. On the agenda, alongside a review and analysis of last years show, was further development of the successful strategy to date. The committee agreed that the new name and image of the event had established itself internationally in an extremely short time. The revamped internet presence was greatly appreciated, and that would be systematically developed further. During its meeting, the Exhibitors Advisory Committee discussed individual measures, which might further enhance the appeal of the event. For example, with regard to the German market, a questionnaire is to be sent out to medical supplies centres and surgical stores, so as to be able to better identify and cater for their needs. Moreover, the Exhibitors Advisory Committee welcomed the decision to stick to the shows four-day duration.

The trademark of the World Congress – its interdisciplinary and international nature – is to be extended, in close cooperation with the future President of the Congress Professor Frank Braatz, Private University of Applied Sciences, Göttingen (PFH, Göttingen) / The University Medical Centre (UMG, Göttingen). "I see the presidency in 2016 as a good opportunity to focus the minds of the insurance companies and funding organisations more firmly on topics such as training, childcare and communication," said the Congress President, in explanation of his priorities for 2016, during the preparations for the first meeting of the Programme Steering Committee. At the same time, case studies, specific examples and discussion groups will assume greater importance in the Congress Programme. In line with the slogan "Join the progress", the concept for 2016 will involve the congress and the trade fair becoming significantly more integrated. This will be reflected in the locations used too: the Congress Centre will, for the first time, be constructed at the heart of the trade fair – i.e. in Exhibition Hall 3. This will result in significantly shorter distances to be covered, and thus optimise the opportunities for passing on knowledge in every respect. At the same time, it opens up new possibilities for layouts, which will support the integration of new conference formats.