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10 - 13 May 2022
News Overview 1/9/18
Online congress programme

Online congress programme

The OTWorld 2018 Congress Programme is completed. On the road, or comfortably on the sofa – browse online.

While 100 years ago the wooden leg was propped against the bed in the evening, in the twenty-first century the range of medical appliances that can be supplied has multiplied. Electronically controlled components, high-tech textiles, 3-D printing or intelligent systems are changing the medical-appliances market. But medical treatment is just as versatile and modern. The interplay of medicine and technology which is setting the present and the future lies at the core of the World Congress.

Formats of discourse and well-known experts

Upper-extremity prosthesis control, prevention of stress injury, indication and limits of therapy using sensory-motor foot ortheses, or the future of compression therapy – these and many other subjects will be found in the more than 100-hour congress programme at OTWorld 2018, which has been set by the Programme Committee, headed by Professor Volker Bühren. The programme will illuminate all aspects of modern appliance provision in an inter-professional team. For only through much discussion and dialogue can the optimum care of each individual be guaranteed. Well-known international experts will be speaking in keynotes and other various formats, from symposia, courses and factory talks, to lectures in the Open Forum.

Note: The Open Forum in Room 7 of the Congress Centre OTWorld (CCO) can also be visited using the trade show ticket.

Languages and certification

The congress languages will be English and German. A simultaneous translation into each of the other languages will be provided. All lectures in Room 1 at the CCO will also be translated into Spanish. You can find the whole Congress Programme online.

Participation at the Congress will be certified by

  • the Orthopaedic Footwear Technology Associations,
  • the American Board for Certification (ABC) and
  • the Swiss Association of Orthopaedic Technicians (Schweizer Verband der Orthopädie-Techniker, Association Suisse des Techniciens en Orthopédie (SVOT / ASTO)).
  • the Saxony State Medical Association (Sächsische Landesärztekammer (SLÄK)),
  • the German Institute of Quality Assurance and Certification (Institut für Qualitätssicherung und Zertifizierung in der Orthopädie-Technik (IQZ)),

SLÄK credits are accepted by the Austrian Medical Chamber and swiss orthopaedics.