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10 - 13 May 2022
News Overview 4/14/16
International expertise

International expertise

OTWorld 2016 World Congress: Renowned keynote-speakers provide insight into the biomechanics of the diabetic foot, the treatment of phantom limb pains and the M.A.S. socket.

Distinguished international keynote speakers will talk, at OTWorld, on their specialist work in the Congresss core disciplines: orthotics, prosthetics and orthopaedic footwear technology. In the topics selected, such as phantom pain, the biomechanics of diabetic foot and cosmetic socket technology, the ground will be laid for the artificial aids of tomorrow. The specialists will show, in memorable and practically based presentations, how given illnesses are treated and what kinds of treatment are possible.

A major topic at the World Congress is provided by biomechanics, which particularly relies on the exchange between medics and engineers. Such is also introduced by Professor Christopher Nester from the University of Salford in Great Britain. In his keynote, taking place on 3 May at 2 p.m., the podiatrist will explain in detail “Foot biomechanics in diabetes and off loading strategies”. In his talk, he will consider the clinical and biomechanical context with a view to explaining possible ways of designing insoles, so as to ensure effective reduction of pressure on the fore part of the foot.

New discoveries in the treatment of phantom pain using mirror therapy will be considered by Dr. Max J. Ortiz Catalan from Chalmers University of Technology on 4 May at 2 p.m. Recently, virtual reality (VR) had been employed as a more sophisticated mirror therapy. However, despite the advantages of VR over a conventional mirror therapy its usage was restricted to unilateral amputees only and was bound to enormous efforts made by the patient to produce phantom motions. To overcome the drawbacks of conventional treatments for PLP, Dr. Catalan had developed a novel approach. The clinical results of these and other treatments would be presented during this keynote speech.

Specialist knowledge and know-how will also be provided by Marlo Ortiz from the Ortiz International S.A. de C.V. in Mexico. He is the inventor of the M.A.S. socket, which allows greater freedom of movement and has a number of advantages when it comes to cosmetic design. And it is this latter aspect that he will examine in greater detail at OTWorld 2016. In his keynote “Cosmetic socket technology“ he would expose M.A.S. Socket updates, that include the muscular lock, and would study cases that portray these improvements and benefits. The keynote will take place on 5 May at 2 p.m.