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Interdisciplinarity and various innovations in orthopaedic footwear technology at OTWorld 2020

Interdisciplinarity and various innovations in orthopaedic footwear technology at OTWorld 2020

Orthopaedic footwear technology is characterised by a combination of craftsmanship, service, technical innovations and health care. Not only people with walking disabilities and illnesses need the support of orthopaedic footwear technology (OST) but also other people, like amateur or top athletes, managers or workers can benefit from the services offered by orthopaedic footwear technology. OTWorld 2020 takes this diversity into account with its extensive range of OST products at the trade show and world congress.

ORTHOPÄDIE SCHUH TECHNIK - International Trade Show and Congress (OST) was held in Cologne on 18 and 19 October 2019. OTWorld project manager Antje Voigtmann was there to take advantage of the Cologne event to speak with various exhibitors. "I enjoy attending the OST trade show in Cologne - I like the atmosphere. I always look forward to seeing acquaintances and getting to know new exhibitors. National and international manufacturers from the orthopaedic footwear technology (OST) will once again be comprehensibly represented at OTWorld. Many exhibitors I spoke to confirmed their OTWorld attendance," reports Antje Voigtmann.

Not only that but OTWorld 2020 is the largest and most important international event for all experts involved in orthopaedic footwear technology.

OTWorld is the number 1 innovation platform and presents the industry's latest developments. More than 550 exhibitors from around the world will once again be presenting special offers in the field of orthopaedic footwear technology. These will be presented in the OST Innovations Report prior to OTWorld 2020. This report, which is the perfect planning aid, will also be made available to exhibition visitors on the OTWorld's website. There will once again be guided tours through the trade show. Registration will be possible before the event on the OTWorld's homepage. Further major topics for the OST sector at the trade show include "Digitalisation and process optimisation in workshops and offices," "Additive manufacturing engineering", "3D printing" and "Innovative materials".

Beyond that, the world congress offers hands-on and certified advanced training with various OST focuses. The topics range from lectures such as "The child's foot between conservative and operative", "Digital design in orthopaedic technology and orthopaedic footwear technology", "Digital concepts - taken from practice for the practice" and "Sensorimotor insoles" to courses and factory talks with a strong practical focus, such as "forefoot changes / malpositions", "functional therapy of the foot according to the spiral dynamic concept", "diabetic foot", "digital workshop processes - the paperless workshop," "mass sports and medical aids" and "special features of neurological foot deformities in an interdisciplinary context."

OTWorld, however, is not characterised by a focus on different areas, but rather presents itself as a global platform for the entire healthcare team. This interdisciplinary approach, together with a more international outlook, is also reflected in the congress programme. The new format "Interdisziplinäre Leuchttürme weltweit" (Interdisciplinary Beacons Worldwide) will present international best-practice examples for optimal care by a care team. Topics include arm prosthetics, scoliosis and club-foot treatment.

The complete OTWorld programme, including all the OST offers, will be available at the end of 2019 on the event's homepage. The kick-off announcement for OTWorld 2020 provides a glimpse into the other themes and offers.

Anyone who wants to get excited for OTWorld 2020 should watch Marius Hentze's video (German) about OTWorld 2018. He presents his insights into OTWorld under the motto "This is where the future begins and I want to help shape it!"