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10 - 13 May 2022
News Overview 5/17/18
Highlights on Friday

Highlights on Friday

The last day of OTWorld also offers exciting topics and programme items.

Journey into history

The core of the historical review is made up of objects collected with a great deal of enthusiasm and expertise, combined with museum loans and selected collectors' items. Each OTWorld has its own theme. This year it provides an insight into 60 years of craftsmanship and association history. Special individual items lead us on a journey through orthopaedic-technical development.

Osseointegration - a controversial treatment option

9:15 a.m.: Prosthetic restoration without shaft through an implant integrated into the bone? Opinions in the industry vary widely in some cases. On Friday, the topic of osseointegration for transtibial amputees will be discussed at the World Congress. Six speakers will report on initial experiences, surgical aspects, implant design and the latest research results. The course takes place in Room 2 of the CCO.

Diabetes - protective shoe, bandage

9:15 a.m.: In cooperation with ISPO Germany, the course 'Diabetes - Protective Shoe, Bandage Shoe', will take place in Room 1 of the CCO under the chairmanship of Michael Möller from Möller Orthopädie Schuh Technik. International care concepts for patients with diabetic foot syndrome or the indications for bandage shoes, relief shoes and diabetes protection shoes are among other things topics of the one-hour course.

Latest findings in neurostimulation

12:00 p.m.: On the final day of OTWorld Dr Ronald Triolo from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (Washington D.C.) will present current research results on the topic of neurostimulation in his keynote speech. The latest medical aids that communicate with the peripheral nervous system can help restore or facilitate many physical functions. In his lecture, Dr Triolo discusses with vivid examples how an improved walking or standing after paralysis or loss of a limb can be achieved.

Innovation 3D printing

1:00 p.m.: What seemed almost impossible a few years ago has become indispensable today. 3D printing is increasingly establishing itself in the field of prosthetics & orthotics. In Room 3 of the CCO, the speakers in the series of lectures on free submissions will report, for example, on the world's first prosthetic feet produced using 3D printing processes, the individual digital inspection of medical devices or the production of a custom-made AFO with improved material properties.