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10 - 13 May 2022
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Highlight Wednesday

Highlight Wednesday

The programme for the second day of OTWorld includes numerous highlights.

Poster presentations: Foot and Shoe & Free Topics International

12:00 p.m.: At the congress, visitors can choose between two short poster presentations. In Room 2, nine topics from the areas of feet and shoes, trauma rehabilitation, sport and other outdoor topics will be presented. The posters deal with osteoarthritis, compression garments, virtual reality and the treatment of leprosy and diabetic feet in Guatemala. The presenters in Room 3 will also be focusing on areas where the demand for orthopaedic technology is very high. Amputations of Ukrainian soldiers will be investigated as well as the difficulties of prosthetic fitting in Syria and experiences from Madagascar. The posters also include a dictionary of prosthetic and orthopaedic terms. All ePosters will be displayed in the foyer of the CCO for the duration of the congress.

Keynote: The influence of robotics on rehabilitation

2:30 p.m.: Robert Riener's keynote address "Rehabilitation 4.0" will be prominently placed on the congress day. In Room 1 of the CCO, he talks about the opportunities presented by the latest rehabilitation technology and about its current deficits and future risks. As a professor at ETH Zurich, Riener develops robots and interaction techniques for motor learning. After his lecture, there will be the opportunity to talk to Riener.

Supply of lowmob amputees

3.00 p.m.: In the daily work of orthopaedic technicians and therapists, the supply of (lowmob amputees) is a special challenge. Dries Glorieux of Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH compares the available solutions with research and results in an interactive workshop in English. It's in Room 8 of the CCO.

Free submissions on the orthotics of the upper extremity

At 3:15 p.m., a free symposium on the orthotics of the upper extremity will begin in Room 2 of the Congress. It consists of a presentation on a pilot analysis of the upper extremity muscle interaction when moving and gripping objects and the user survey of a bionic glove for stroke patients. In addition, medical and orthopaedic aspects of brachial plexus lesions will be discussed, as well as innovative armorthetics for adolescent plexus saving patients.