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10 - 13 May 2022
News Overview 5/2/16
Focusing on innovations

Focusing on innovations

For the kick-off of OTWorld 2016, exhibitors introduced their highlights during a photo session.

Otto Bock Healthcare presented two new products: Kenevo is the first multi-sensor knee joint for lower mobility levels (Mobis 1 and 2) in the world and is intended for use in therapeutic care immediately following amputation. The Agilium Freestep treads new paths in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee. In contrast to previous treatments for arthritic knee conditions, it is not put round the knee, but attached at the foot.

PROTEOR is focusing on the specific needs of sportsmen and women with amputated limbs. Together with the surfer Eric Dargent, who lost his left leg in a shark attack, the company introduced a new prosthetic knee for amputee athletes.

Innovations in 3D-printing: stamos + braun presented a novel silicone foot prosthesis with a 3D-printed pad, which – with the help of a new 3D-printing technique – reduces the weight of the prosthesis significantly. UNYQ on the other hand especially focuses on the individual design. With the “U Titanium with Orange Stripe” and the “Flyer Black”, the company introduced two unique 3D printed prosthesis covers.