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10 - 13 May 2022
News Overview 1/30/18
Care of athletes

Care of athletes

Instability of the shoulder and elbow or strain injuries: sports medicine is the subject of several lectures in the Congress.

Shoulder and elbow instabilities

The instability of shoulders and elbows is the subject of one of the symposia, devised by the Association for Orthopaedic and Traumatalogical Sports Medicine (Gesellschaft für Orthopädisch-Traumatologische Sportmedizin (GOTS)). This session will examine the underlying causes of instability in each case and provide an update on the latest treatment ideas. But there will also be consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of treatments using orthopaedic technologies.

Knee instability in sportspeople

Many sportsmen and women suffer with knee problems. These can have a variety of causes. Where these causes lie and what possibilities exist for treatment will be discussed by experts in the field at a dedicated symposium. As well as unstable patella syndrome, the symposium will deal with the treatment of cruciate ligament tears, procedures for damage to the collateral ligaments and medial soft tissue structures, together with treatment strategies for knee luxation. In addition, there will be consideration of rehabilitation following ligament injuries in the knee, including which instruments should be used to compensate for limb deficiencies and what kind of rehabilitation programmes can be employed to remedy asymmetries, for example.

Prevention of overuse injuries

Whether in children’s competitive sports, alpine skiing or karate – strain injuries can occur in all forms of sport and at all ages. It is, therefore, all the more crucial to look towards preventive measures, particularly where competitive sports are concerned. These areas will be examined in more detail within the context of the symposium for the ‘Prevention of Overuse Injuries’. As well as treatments involving preventive training, the session will also identify various orthopaedic possibilities for prevention.

Course: Learning from paralympic athletes

‘The seed of top performance lies in the broad base at the bottom’ is the title of one of the many courses that are on offer at OTWorld. The course will examine practical issues involved in orthopaedic provision for paralympic athletes and consider what can be learned from them. The session will take a look at sports injuries in both summer and winter sports, together with sports prostheses used at lower levels of sporting prowess. At the same time, consideration will be given to ways of avoiding long-term damage and to the extent to which long-term stress and strain causes changes in the stump. Joint speaker for this last item is David Behre, who, amongst other medals, won gold in the 4 by 100 metre relay in 2016 in Brazil, together with Markus Rehm, Felix Streng and Johannes Floors.