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10 - 13 May 2022
News Overview 5/3/18
Creative ideas aplenty in the Inventors’ Park

Creative ideas aplenty in the Inventors’ Park

The Berlin Inventors’ Club has existed for 45 years. Its convener, graduate engineer Peter Stepina, will be assembling a range of creative talent to present their inventions at OTWorld in Leipzig.

Peter Stepina, Divisional Head of the German Inventors’ Association (Deutscher Erfinderverband e.V.) in Berlin and organiser of the Berlin Inventors’ Club, helps inventors exhibit at trade fairs by arranging joint stands. Original minds from all over Germany will be travelling to OTWorld 2018, in order to showcase their innovative new prototypes in the ‘Inventors’ Park’ and to establish relevant contacts.

Biodegradable orthoses from the 3D printer

Tino Jacobi and Leonardo Filip Lauer, who come from Berlin, have developed a new way of supporting pets with broken limbs or that have difficulty walking. Their young start-up ‘Think 3DDD’ is working on adapting this for humans: and they will be bringing along their ‘Optimale’ orthoses to OTWorld. These are made using 3D scans and 3D printing techniques, are individually fitted and have been devised as the next generation of plaster casts and sewn orthoses.

Heated help

Three participants on the joint stand will be bringing along inventions involving the use of heat. In the Ore Mountains in Saxony, the small leather-glove factory of Rico Wappler combines traditional craft skills of the glove maker with technical add-ons. As well as their traditional products, their range also contains elegant leather gloves with electronically controlled heating elements. The ‘Heizteufel’ (literally: ‘Heating Devil’), by Andreas Mischok from Berlin, also belongs in the tech-wear shop. He is offering a broad range of heated apparel. These include bandages for therapeutic use, which are intended to create a deeply warming effect and thus encourage circulation and relax the muscles at the beginning of the treatment, so that subsequent physiotherapy can work better. The spectrum of warmth-producing products is completed by Peter Filip. His company, IR Filips Systems, develop therapeutic devices using infra-red – so far for use in veterinary medicine. But this inventor from Lower Saxony is now working on products that can be used with humans for wellness effects or restorative purposes.

Relief in everyday life

Matthias Wagner, from MotoSana GmbH, will be presenting their ‘Mobisit’ foot support in the ‘Inventors’ Park’. Made in Germany, this device helps people exercise whilst sitting down, as it creates gentle movement when feet are placed on it. According to the developers, the vibration technology stimulates the leg muscles which, in turn, encourages return blood flow in the veins. The device aims to help in everyday life and is intended for people who, because of the nature of their work or physical limitations, spend long periods sitting down.

The EasyMedBox, by Dieter Kupferschmidt from Brandenburg, is also intended to help in everyday life. At the appointed time, this intelligent tablet dispenser produces the required medication at the press of a button; there is an alarm function to act as a reminder.

The Inventor’s Park is located in Hall 1, Stand C33.

There is also another joint stand at OTWorld – the Start-up Zone – which offers young companies a platform for their innovative developments.