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10 - 13 May 2022
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Management of knee osteoarthritis – options to preserve the joint

Management of knee osteoarthritis – options to preserve the joint

In collaboration with the German Society for the Management of Arthritis (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Arthrosemanagement e.V. – DGFAM), OTWorld will host discussion on options for joint preservation in cases of knee osteoarthritis.

In Germany around 70 percent of the over-70s suffer from an arthrosis, but younger generations are also affected. Knee osteoarthritis in particular is known to be widespread. Management of this illness and possibilities of joint retention will be the focal subjects in a satellite symposium chaired by Professor Jörg Jerosch of the Johanna-Etienne Hospital and Professor Gunter Spahn, whose work includes practice at the Eisenach Accident Surgery and Orthopaedic Hospital.

This symposium will consider the stress of osteoarthritis, the connection between arthrosis and sport, and the use of relief orthoses in everyday clinical practice. The focus will also be on economic aspects: consideration will be given on the one hand to the impact of relief orthoses on the British NHS, and on the other to a health-economics analysis of pharmaceutical knee-osteoarthritis management. This programme block will conclude with an investigation into surgical strategies for preventing or delaying the onset of arthritic diseases.

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The symposium “Management of knee osteoarthritis – options to preserve the joint” will be held on 17 May from 4.45 to 6.00 Room 4.