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10 - 13 May 2022
News Overview 3/28/18
Exclusive offer for specialist surgical stores and healthcare supplies retailers.

Exclusive offer for specialist surgical stores and healthcare supplies retailers.

At OTWorld 2018, specialist retailers working in surgical stores and healthcare supplies centres will, for the first time, be offered guided tours with a specialist programme exclusively designed for them and organised by the Federal Academy for Orthopaedic Technology (BUFA).

Decisions on the range of products to carry and the ability to give expert advice to customers on sensitive medical products are fundamental to the success of surgical and healthcare stores. No event reflects as wide a range of products and services as OTWorld. Yet, what criteria should we apply? What do we need to bear in mind when providing professional advice? How can we distinguish between the plethora of suppliers on the market? Answers to these questions will be provided by an event specially devised for OTWorld by BIV-OT (German Association for Orthopaedic Technology), BUFA (Federal German College of Orthopaedic Technology) in conjunction with Leipziger Messe. This year, a series of lectures, combined with guided tours, have been developed, specifically with surgical stores and healthcare suppliers in mind – the so-called BUFA-Walks – covering three major topics. Sales staff in surgical and healthcare stores will be able to get detailed information about individual products and their areas of application. A broad introduction to the background theory will cover issues in anatomy, pathologies and indications, as well as treatment techniques employed by the medical professions. This will be followed by a guided tour of the trade show, taking in selected stands, where information and criteria relating to the quality of treatment and assessment of the range of products to carry will be provided, based on specific examples of what is on the market. The programme will be on offer every day. The guided tours, together with the lectures are certified by the IQZ (German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification in Orthopaedic Technology) and are held in German language. Places can be reserved via the online Ticket Shop.

Bandages: indications and treatment

What therapeutic aims and treatment objectives lie behind the use of bandages? What are the principles behind them? What treatment techniques can be used? And how does one check that the fitting is correct? These questions will all be considered in greater detail in the dedicated lecture on bandages. In the subsequent guided tour, participants will take a closer look at ankle and knee bandages, bandages for the chest and the cervical spine, as well as bandages for hands and elbows. The focus in each case will be on measuring techniques, hints on everyday use and on instructions for wearing and caring for the products.

Lymphological compression treatments

Before concentrating on the practical aspects of the available products in the guided tour of the exhibition, the agenda of the specialist programme will cover a range of theoretical aspects of lymphology. These include the function and structure of the lymphatic system, diseases of the lymphatic system, together with stages of development, diagnosis and therapy. There will, moreover, also be discussion of the principles of compression therapy, as well as of ways in which the manufacture of the compression stocking and the choice of material impact on the quality of treatment. The trade show will then furnish practical examples for participants to examine, including, amongst other things, the choice of different degrees of elasticity as between circular knit and flat knit stockings, as well as types available for upper and lower extremities.

Post-operative care following breast surgery

Knowledge of the female anatomy, of the pathology of the breast, of possible therapies and relevant surgical procedures is indispensable for post-operative care following breast surgery. These theoretical underpinnings will be considered in some depth in the specialist programme. In addition, there will be discussion of selection criteria, of specific treatment examples and of factors that determine compliance in prosthetic treatments. And the guided tour will then provide an opportunity to fill in the practical details of factors such as the choice of materials, skin tolerance and possible kinds of fixing, together with hints and tips on the use of corsets.