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News Overview 12/21/17
Osseointegration – a hotly discussed subject

Osseointegration – a hotly discussed subject

Prosthesis provision without a socket through an implant integrated into the bone? Opinions in the industry differ greatly. At OTWorld the two pioneers of the procedure will be available for discussion.

It all began with a rabbit bone when, more than 50 years ago, Per-Ingvar Branemark of Sweden performed an osseointegration procedure for the first time. After the process had been established in human dentistry, the first treatment of this kind for a patient with a thighbone amputation was carried out by his son, Rickard Branemark, in the 1990s. Since that time the procedure has developed into a viable and real treatment option in limb rehabilitation. Nevertheless, osseointegrated protheses are a controversial form of patient care. Medical practitioners see, for example, a high risk of infection at the entry point of the implant, and even among P&O professionals the use of osseointegration is only limited.

Pioneers of osseointegration in Leipzig

Both Rickard Branemark and Dr. Horst H. Aschoff, the pioneers of this procedure, will be present at OTWorld. The World Congress will feature a course inter alia on transhumeral osseointegration. Further lectures on the subject will consider, for instance, single-stage osseointegrated reconstruction and rehabilitation of lower limb amputees, and a comparison of prosthetic mobility in amputees with osseointegration versus traditional amputation and socket.

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