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27. - 29. Oktober 2020

Posterpräsentationen - Rehabilitation

OTWorld 2016

Congress type icon Poster Session

Posterpräsentationen - Rehabilitation


Dr. Hartmut Stinus

Orthopaedicum Northeim-Göttingen


Do. 05.05.2016 12:45 - 14:00 in Kalender exportieren


Foyer CCO

Titel Vortrag Info Referent(en)

Poster Wissenschaft/Handwerk

Effect of diabetes on postoperative ambulation following below knee amputation

Zusammenfassung: Diabetes Mellitus and its complications are commonly associated with below knee amputation. This study was aimed for analyzing effect diabetes mellitus as an independent factor affecting post operative ambulation in a below knee amputee.

Saraf, Amit

Poster Wissenschaft/Handwerk

Effect of postoperative ambulation on the quality of life in a transtibial amputee

Zusammenfassung: Quality of life of a trans-tibial (TT) amputee is not only determined by his functional rehabilitation but also social, economical and psychological rehabilitation. A number of studies have analyzed the influence of lower limb amputation on these factors. This study analysed the effect of functional

Saraf, Amit

Poster Wissenschaft/Handwerk

Effekt eines Trainings auf der Basis der Zweipunktediskrimination (TPD) bei Patienten mit Amputation der unteren Extremität und Phantomschmerzen

Zusammenfassung: In dieser Pilotstudie konnten durch Training der Zweipunktediskrimination alle Qualitäten der Phantommodalitäten reduziert werden. Es gab einen kleinen, aber statistisch signifikanten Behandlungseffekt für das Phantomphänomen: „Phantomsensation“ (Punktschätzung: 0,29 in VAS, 95% CI: 0,02-0,69).

Koller, Thomas

Kurzvortrag ePoster

Effects of repetitive peripheral magnetic stimulation (rPMS) to the hemiplegic shoulder and arm muscles on upper extremity motor function: Pilot

Zusammenfassung: rPMS could have immediate positive effects on arm and shoulder motor impairment of hemiparesis patient with severe paresis.

Ruthiraphong, Peeraya

Poster Wissenschaft/Handwerk

The effectiveness of Armeo therapy on functional capacity after neurological disorders: A literature review

Zusammenfassung: The Armeo therapy is a rehabilitation approach for people who have suffered from neurological disorders resulting in hand and arm impairment. Reviewing the 15 articles demonstrated the positive effects of this treatment on improvement of functional capacity of patients with neurological disorders.

Maleki, Maryam

Poster Wissenschaft/Handwerk

Impact of powered ankle foot orthoses on gait of stroke patients: A literature review

Zusammenfassung: Foot drop is a major complication of patients suffering from stroke. Increasingly the powered ankle foot orthoses have been used for rehabilitation of these patients. Evaluating thirteen articles demonstrated significant improvement in terms of foot drop and gait parameter in this patients group.

Maleki, Maryam

Poster Wissenschaft/Handwerk

A novel brace for the treatment of PCL injury

Zusammenfassung: Data are presented to support the biomechanical function of a new brace designed to treat PCL injuries. The data demonstrate how the brace applies a dynamic anteriorly directed force to the posterior calf that is similar to the varying tension the PCL.

Nicholls, Micah

Poster Wissenschaft/Handwerk

Influence of type of incision on rehabilitation in below knee amputation

Zusammenfassung: Burgess and skew flap closures are the two most commonly used flaps to close a below knee amputation. In literature there is a dearth of studies to justify which of these closures is better. We made an attempt to compare the two groups based on rehabilitation outcome of the patients.

Saraf, Amit