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Posterpräsentationen - Freie Themen


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Bundesinnungsverband für Orthopädie-Technik


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Kurzvortrag ePoster

Determination of the status of existing rehabilitation centers, towards provision physical rehabilitation services to disabled population in Tanzania

Zusammenfassung: The Policies addressing issues of disabilities should be in place. A Descriptive Cross sectional study. 11/12 Centers (91.7%) experience shortage of resources. Establishment of facilities, and provision of professional’s guidelines. Budget for assistive devices should be within regular health budget

Saria, Salome Jesse

Poster Wissenschaft/Handwerk

Möglichkeiten und Grenzen generativer Fertigungsverfahren (3D Druck) in der technischen Orthopädie

Zusammenfassung: Die generative Fertigung hat bereits in der Orthopädietechnik einige Anwendungen gefunden. Aufgrund der zurzeit geringen Festigkeiten von generativ gefertigten Bauteilen sind die Anwendungsgebiete jedoch stark begrenzt.

Meyer, Michael

Kurzvortrag ePoster

Idiopathic toe-walking: Evaluation and family predisposition

Zusammenfassung: The main objective of this study is to present clinical measurements as well as test procedures of how to evaluate children with ITW. In addition, to determine whether or not there is a difference in severity between children with positive family predisposition and negative family predisposition.

Ramirez Llamas, Juliana

Kurzvortrag ePoster

Family predisposition and gender distribution in idiopathic toe walkers

Zusammenfassung: The current literature makes various statements and assumptions concerning the causes and frequency of occurrence of toe-walking. The information provided varies widely and supports different results. The poster supply gender related statistically results, regarding the genetic causes of ITW.

Ramirez Llamas, Juliana

Poster Wissenschaft/Handwerk

Making the connection: Evidence based approach to prosthetic prescription and production. Is there a transformation in our future?

Zusammenfassung: This lecture describes a multi-centre approach to bridging current gaps in prosthetic and orthotic practice with opportunities being presented by new evaluation and production methodologies with the goal of ensuring a stable future for prosthetics and orthotics practitioners.

Raschke, Silvia Ursula

Poster Wissenschaft/Handwerk

Diabetes mellitus: A synonym to functional hypoparathyroidism

Zusammenfassung: Diabetes Mellitus is associated with low bone mineral density. However till date very few studies have tried to evaluate the cause for this association. In this study we evaluated the cause of this association.

Saraf, Amit

Poster Wissenschaft/Handwerk

Importance of tying the sciatic nerve in above knee amputation to prevent neuroma formation

Zusammenfassung: neuroma formation is quite common in above knee amputation. One of the main reason for the same is rich vascularity of sciatic nerve. Our study justifies the significance of tying sciatic nerve in above knee amputation

Saraf, Amit

Poster Wissenschaft/Handwerk

Lipid profile in rheumatoid arthritis patients and its relation to disease activity

Zusammenfassung: Rheumatoid arthritis is associated with higher cardiovascular morbidity, but till date no study provides a definite correlation between the two. In this study we have made an attempt to correlate these two diseases.

Saraf, Amit

Kurzvortrag ePoster

Identifiying musculoskeletal disorders in children: Importance of screening program

Zusammenfassung: orthopedic disorders such as lower extremities and spinal deformities, which are relevant in growth ages, can be prevented by early diagnosis.a common way of early diagnosis is Screening Tests. 200 children were examined for this purpose by authors of this study.

Khoshhal, Yalda