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27. - 29. Oktober 2020

Globale Kooperation assistiver Technologien (GATE)

OTWorld 2014 Congress type icon Versorgung mit Rehabilitationshilfsmitteln – Wie soll mit den Empfehlungen aus dem Weltbericht Behinderung und der WHA-Resolution 66.9 verfahren werden?

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Globale Kooperation assistiver Technologien (GATE)


Chapal Khasnabis

World Health Organization

Essential Medicines and Health Products


Do. 15.05.2014 16:45 - 18:00 | Vortrag #2 / 4 in Kalender exportieren


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The availability of assistive technology (AT) for many people is to remain healthy, independent and productive. It is also a pre-condition for inclusion and equal participation of people with disabilities in the society. The need for AT is on the increase due to a growing prevalence of disability, the rise in non-communicable and musculoskeletal conditions and increase in injuries for example from road traffic crashes, violence and falls and above all, the emerging ageing population.