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27. - 29. Oktober 2020

Armprothetik - Schaft / Prothesensteuerung

13. ISPO Weltkongress

Congress type icon Themenblock | Amputation/Prothetik

Armprothetik - Schaft / Prothesensteuerung


Dr. Laura Miller

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago

Neural Engineering Center for Artificial Limbs


Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Hubert Egger

Brixsana Privatklinik

Plastische-, Ästhetische- und Handchirurgie-Prothetik


Mo. 10.05.2010 17:00 - 18:30 in Kalender exportieren


Saal 1

Titel Vortrag Info Referent(en)


Targeted Reinnervation—Surgical Outcome of 30 Patients

Zusammenfassung: Targeted Muscle Reinnervation (TMR) is a surgical technique that creates myoelectric control signals in the residual limb of amputees using the remaining nerve and remnant musculature in the residual limb. Outcomes of 30 TMR patients will be presented.

Miller, Laura


EMG-Sensor und Steuerungsdesign der multifunktionalen UNB-Handprothese

Zusammenfassung: A controller and EMG sensors are being developed to control a three axis hand that can perform six basic grip patterns. The modular system communicates via CAN bus using a standardised bus protocol. The main controller incorporates several control strategies including pattern classification of EMG.

Wilson, Adam


Integration der Rückkopplung in den Regelkreis von prothetischen Hilfsmitteln

Zusammenfassung: The study addresses the TMR transradial/transhumeral amputation. The impression that the prosthesis is following the desired intent and providing correspondent feedback motivates the wearer during the training sessions and daily life, thereby increasing the acceptance rate.

Ninu, Andrei


Mehrere Freiheitsgrade (MDOF) einer Armprothese werden gleichzeitig angesteuert - eine Fallstudie bei natürlicher Bewegung

Zusammenfassung: Current myoelectrical prostheses allow single control of the joints only. The aim of this work is to enable a new control. In a unique pan-European case study a 17 year old shoulder-ex-amputatee underwent surgery in order to achieve a novel prosthesis-control: “thought-controlled prosthesis”.

Egger, Hubert


Tendenz zu einem offenen Standard: das Kommunikations-Protokoll der UNB-Prothesen

Zusammenfassung: UNB has released a draft protocol to the Standardised Communication Interface for Prosthetics group in the hopes that it could further advance the initiative’s goal of developing an open standard for the communication of prosthetic limb components. The benefits of its implementation are highlighted.

Losier, Yves


Steuerung einer Prothesenhand mit zwei Freiheitsgraden mittels EMG-Mustererkennung

Zusammenfassung: A myoelectric pattern recognition based control scheme was modified to control a novel two degree of freedom (DOF) powered wrist design in conjunction with a conventional electric hand design and was successfully tested by a trans-radial amputee.

Kyberd, Peter


Multimodale Sensorsteuerung zur Orientierung einer myoelektrischen Prothesenhand mit 3 Freiheitsgraden

Zusammenfassung: The development of our multimodal sensor control for a 3 degrees-of-freedom hand is reported. An accelerometer is installed to compute the posture angles of the residual arm and drive the pronation joint and the wrist flexion joint. The experiments showed that it naturally reduces compensating shoul

Ohnishi, Kengo