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27. - 29. Oktober 2020

Innovationen für multifunktionale Prothesenhand-Systeme

13. ISPO Weltkongress

Congress type icon Symposium | Amputation/Prothetik

Innovationen für multifunktionale Prothesenhand-Systeme


Dr. Peter Kyberd

University of New Brunswick

Insititute of Biomedical Engineering


Michael Schäfer

Pohlig GmbH


Mi. 12.05.2010 15:00 - 16:30 in Kalender exportieren


Saal 1


Recent years has seen a rise in the number of multi-axis prosthetic hands being developed or marketed. The advantage of such devices is that they can perform a range of grasp patterns and so more closely match the natural hand in functionality and appearance. There is a long history of such devices, but often the means to control them has limited their utility. Recent advances in materials technology, has combined to allow lighter motors and batteries and compact enough electronics to make the idea of a practical multi-degree of freedom hands a reality. This symposium will bring together the results of a number of the latest projects to produce multi-axis hands, both commercial and experimental. This will allow the different technologies to be compared and contrasted and lessons over where such devices will take prosthetics over the next decade.

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Historischer Rückblick zu multifunktionalen Handprothesen

Zusammenfassung: Multiple axis for a prosthetic hand creates flexibility in gripping. Barriers to use include the weight, reliability and price. The critical aspect is that the hand must be flexible and practical. Many solutions use flexible linkages so the grip is complaint. This paper reviews the choices made.

Kyberd, Peter


Neue Entwicklungen des i-LIMB Systems

Gill, Hugh


Weiterentwickelte Funktionalität des neuen Axon-Bus® Prothesensystems - die Prothesenhand "Michelangelo"

Zusammenfassung: Future arm prostheses will enable simultaneous control of multi degrees of freedom. For this a new technology platform is needed. The Axon-Bus® prostheses system is such a platform. Its first component, the Michelangelo Hand, comes to the market. Its new functions and benefits are discussed.

van Vliet, Hans-Willem


Vorstellung eines neuen mehrgelenkigen myoelektrischen Handsystems

Zusammenfassung: A new technology are presented; the motor driven modular VINCENT© Hand system, with allows the design of nearly anatomical partial hand prostheses and one of the worlds smallest and lightest multifunction hands within 6 motors. Both applications are discussed with his features and benefits.

Schulz, Stefan


VA-Studien zur Optimierung des DEKA Arms

Resnik, Linda