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12. - 15. Mai 2020

Posterpräsentationen mit Kurzvorträgen - Rehabilitation

OTWorld 2020

Congress type icon Poster Session

Posterpräsentationen mit Kurzvorträgen - Rehabilitation


Do. 14.05.2020 11:45 - 13:00 in Kalender exportieren


CCO, Foyer

Titel Vortrag Info Referent(en)

Kurzvortrag ePoster

Rehabilitation of patients with malignant tumors of bone and soft tissue after amputation of the lower extremity

Zusammenfassung: Rehabilitation of patients with lower limb stump is an important medical and social task. The study is aimed at improving the effectiveness of the rehabilitation process in the treatment of patients with malignant bone and soft tissue tumors after lower limb amputation.

Protsenko, Volodymyr

Kurzvortrag ePoster

Prothetic and orthotic rehabilitation service in Madagascar - The staffs experiences at two rehabilitation centers

Zusammenfassung: Research about the Prosthetic and Orthotic field in Madagascar is very limited and the intension of this study is therefore to highlight the current situation and create a discussion regarding the rehabilitation service for people who need prosthetic and orthotic devices.

Rafamatanantsoa Andriamanantena, Christian Harifidy

Kurzvortrag ePoster

Recommendation for rehabilitation following cartilage repair - a global cartilage expert consensus

Zusammenfassung: Rehabilitation following Cartilage repair is key to achieve good clinical outcomes and prevent patients to get early onset of knee OA. Clear guidance for the rehabilitation of contained and uncontained cartilage defects is lacking. Therefore global key opinion leaders developed a recommendation.

Schulz, Axel

Kurzvortrag ePoster

Ambulante Prehabilitation und Rehabilitation eines Patienten mit transcutanem osseointegrierten Prothesensystem (TOPS) des linken Oberschenkels

Zusammenfassung: Im Vortrag wird ein seit 28 Jahren oberschenkelamputierter Patient nach TOPS-Implantation nach Grundei vorgestellt. Er wurde ambulant prä- sowie nach der Aufrüstung ambulant rehabilitiert. Aufgezeigt werden typische Beschwerden sowie Besonderheiten im Rahmen der Physiotherapie.

Paulyn, Simone

Kurzvortrag ePoster

Eight years after receiving an osseointegration implant - A qualitative outcome study

Zusammenfassung: The purpose of this study is to capture the impact of osseointegration surgery on health-related quality of life outcomes over an extended 8 year period.

Lu, William

Kurzvortrag ePoster

Press-fit osseointegrated reconstruction and rehabilitation of above knee amputees - Outcomes and complications with a minimum 5-year follow-up

Zusammenfassung: This study reports on the 5 year outcomes among 82 patients rehabilitated with the two most common press-fit osseointegration implant used worldwide.

Lu, William