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Prothesensteuerung obere Extremität

OTWorld 2018

Congress type icon Symposium | Steuerung , Obere Extremität

Prothesensteuerung obere Extremität


Ivan Vujaklija

Imperal College London


Prof. Dr. med. Frank Braatz

Private Hochschule Göttingen

ZHT (Zentrum f. Healthcare Technology)


Fr. 18.05.2018 14:30 - 15:45 in Kalender exportieren


CCO, Saal 3

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Zusammenfassung: N/a

Vujaklija, Ivan


Modellbasierte Steuerung myoelektrischer Armprothesen

Zusammenfassung: We have developed a subject-specific, computationally efficient model of the human neuromusculoskeletal systems. We have demonstrated that this can accurately simulate amputees’ phantom limb function and enable prosthesis control.

Sartori, Massimo


Sensorisches Feedback bei Armprothesen

Zusammenfassung: Providing sensory feedback to a prosthesis user is an important goal, expected to improve the prosthesis utility. We demonstrate that the effectiveness of feedback depends on multiple factors, including the nature of the task, level of training as well as the characteristics of myoelectric control.

Dosen, Strahinja


Technisches Thema: Steuerung von Armprothesen

Zusammenfassung: n/a

Oddsson, Magnus


Klinisches Thema: Steuerung von Armprothesen

Zusammenfassung: This presentation explores user control of multi-articulating hands and the clinical approach and user learning. As multi-articulating hand technology has advanced so must the user control systems to aid adoption of the technology into users’ everyday lives.

Goodwin, Alison

Vortrag Wissenschaft/Handwerk

Analyse der Faktoren für die Annahme von Prothesen der oberen Gliedmaßen anhand einer retrospektiven klinischen Prothetikstudie

Zusammenfassung: Earlier surveys by the author have found that amp. level, functional advantage, comfort tolerance, therapy, and relationship with prosthetist were the highest predictors of acceptance. This retrospective survey was created to validate levels of acceptance and contributing factors among prosthetists.

Lock, Blair