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27. - 30. Oktober 2020

Technik der Osseointegration - Rehabilitation, Langzeitergebnisse, Komplikationsmanagement

13. ISPO Weltkongress

Congress type icon Symposium | Amputation/Prothetik

Technik der Osseointegration - Rehabilitation, Langzeitergebnisse, Komplikationsmanagement


PhD Kerstin Hagberg

Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Dep. for Prothestics and Orthotics, Centre of Orthopaedic Osseointegration


Prof. Dr. med. Dipl. Oec. Bernhard Greitemann

Reha-Klinikum Bad Rothenfelde, Klinik Münsterland der LVA Westfalen

Rehabilitationszentrum für Orthopädie und Traumatologie, Rheumatologie, Schmerztherapie


Do. 13.05.2010 15:00 - 16:30 in Kalender exportieren


Saal 2

Titel Vortrag Info Referent(en)


OPRA Rehabilitations-Protokoll und Ergebnis transfemoraler Osseointegration in Schweden

Zusammenfassung: Patients treated with OI-prostheses report significantly increased amount of prosthetic use. At 2-years follow-up 93% used the OI-prosthesis.

Hagberg, Kerstin


Rehabilitation und Ergebnisse in Bezug auf Osseointegration bei der oberen Extremität in Schweden

Zusammenfassung: Twenty years of experience of bone ancored upper-limb prosthesis indicate improved functionality due to the increased motion in the shoulder and elbow joints for short transhumeral and transradial level and improved gripfunction for thumb level. Patients state better quality of life and increased daily use of prosthetic device compaired with previous conventional prostheses. For thumb amputation there is no good prosthetic alternative.

Winterberger, Kerstin Caine


Rehabilitation und Ergebnisse von Endo-Exo-Femurprothesen in Lübeck

Zusammenfassung: Since 1999 40 patients in Lübeck have been treated with EEFP. The results of a retrospective study including 20 patients using the EEFP for one year or longer show a significantly increased mobility level and quality of life as well as less problems in everyday use.

Hoffmeister, Thomas


Complications and Problem Solving Including Studies in Lübeck

Zusammenfassung: Complications and number of remedial treatment could be reduced by changing the prosthesis design.

Clausen, Astrid


Umgang mit Komplikationen und Langzeitergebnissen

Zusammenfassung: This presentation will report on how to deal with complications when using bone anchored amputation prostheses as well as report on the long term results from the experience with this treatment since 1990

Brånemark, Rickard