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In 2018, the focus of the Technical Forum for Rehabilitation was on wheelchair provision. Consequently, the hub for rehabilitation technicians was located once again in the middle of the trade show in hall 3.

Visitors had the opportunity to gain profound insight into the particular steps of customized wheelchair fitting. With the help of individual cases, professionals of the health care team introduced various key issues as part of moderated stage presentations. Against the backdrop of indication-based examination, the full spectrum of aids ranging from standard-issue solutions to extremely sophisticated individual one-off constructions has been presented. Furthermore, the role of the health care team was highlighted while illustrating the entire scope of wheelchair provision at the same time.

In addition to demonstrating the process of wheelchair fitting in dedicated stage presentations, this time the OTWorld paid special attention to contractual issues in the field of rehabilitation technology. In form of dialogue, a lawyer introduced and discussed legal aspects concerning the provision of wheelchairs with the assembled visitors.

This was the Technical Forum for Rehabilitation 2018 …

on stage

20 stage presentations on 7 key issues


In the exhibition space, visitors had the opportunity to profoundly examine and to test the orthopaedic devices presented.

key issues

Mobility solutions for wheelchair users affected by disruption of motor skills (e.g. spasticity)
MS, ALS, autoimmune diseases
Customized power wheelchairs / environmental control
Geriatrics – improving care through posture training, skin care and mobility solutions
Individual one-off constructions for obese patients
Adaptive wheelchairs and positioning
Legal aspects concerning technical aids

The Working Group

Healthcare suppliers and manufacturers from all over Germany define hand in hand subject-specific content of the Technical Forum for Rehabilitation in order to give visitors of the OTWorld a valuable insight into the processes concerning the supply of technical aids.

  • Leticia Aguilar, Sunrise Medical GmbH & Co. KG
  • Robert Bär, Reha-aktiv GmbH
  • Sascha Becker, Netti by Alu Rehab
  • Heiko Denk, Netti by Alu Rehab
  • Christian Franz, RTM GmbH
  • Bogdan-Andreas Ghetu, Otto Bock HealthCare Deutschland GmbH
  • Susanne Heine, rehaKIND
  • Christiana Hennemann, rehaKIND
  • Magnus Linnhoff, Bischoff & Bischoff GmbH
  • Norbert Stockmann, Bundesfachschule für Orthopädie-Technik e.V.
  • Daniel Stutz, DIETZ GmbH
  • Nils Thöne, MEYRA GmbH
  • Friedhelm Ziegler, Sunrise Medical GmbH & Co. KG


Once again, the focus was on custom rehabilitation design: In the middle of the trade show in hall 3 was the Technical Forum for Rehabilitation with the Transparent Workshop, the most interesting place for rehabilitation technicians. Individual steps in the production of custom-made orthopaedic devices were demonstrated live here.

Visitors had the opportunity to look over the shoulders of experienced orthopaedic technicians as they work and to discuss the issues with them. For one thing was clear again at OTWorld 2016: providing for the most severely handicapped and the seriously ill demands extensive technical know-how. That’s the reason why the focus is on the continuing education and common quality discussions.

The Technical Forum for Rehabilitation at OTWorld 2016 was divided into 3 central areas:

1. THE "TRANSPARENT WORKSHOP"Here, skilled professionals could learn from experienced colleagues more about the point at which standard-issue solutions end and individual one-off construction begins. Centre-stage was the manufacture of seating orthoses, in particular the processes of taking the initial mould and getting the right shape.

In the “Transparent Workshop” in the Technical Forum for Rehabilitation at OTWorld 2014, the ten-stage creation of one 2-shell special seats could be observed. You can find the video clips of this ten-stage creation here .
2. THE STAGEIndividual processes in the treatment of patients were demonstrated daily live on the stage. Technicians, supported by a physiotherapist or a doctor, presented modern concepts of care with the help of a variety of individual cases.
3. THE THEMATIC ISLANDSThere were also separate exhibition and information "islands", each dedicated to one of the four areas:

  • E-wheelchairs – special constructional considerations / Environment control from the e-wheelchair
  • Standing – upright mobility
  • Gaining the power of speech: complex care and communication aids in the interdisciplinary team