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Quick change of prosthetic feet - Quickchange adapter

For quickly changing prosthetic feet


There are many reasons why prosthetic users may want to use different prosthetic feet for different situations in their daily routine: For certain activities, for example, they need a prosthetic foot with additional functions or walking properties or a water-resistant version or they may want a different heel height for special occasions or a wider selection of shoes or they might want to play sports. With the 4R10=111 Quickchange adapter, amputees can change their prosthetic foot by themselves when needed in just one step. This makes it possible to have a prosthesis with two or more feet. Easy for the technician to assemble ‒ the prosthetic alignment is not changed by Quickchange, the different prosthetic feet have to be brought to the same level and aligned just once. The adapter is mounted like a normal structural component.


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