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Tool system for orthotist to measure patient
A Produkt of: Ortheo 3D
Ortheo3D is convinced that the success of orthotics is directly dependent on the quality of measurements and patient examination. That is why we prepared tools to simplify the work of orthotists, focusing on taking measurements using a 3D scan along with the initial correction of the limb. Thanks to this, communication between the orthotist and the production team is very accurate, and the positioning of the limb requires minimal changes, contributing to the perfect fit of the orthoses.

These tools include ALIGNee and FRAMee, which allow for patient positioning with foot correction and angular alignment of the limb in the frontal and sagittal plane. Additionally, to increase the accuracy of the physical examination, we provide 3 tools: HINDee for measuring the position of the hindfoot, ROMee for examining ROM and SHORTee, which helps determine leg leg discrepancy. All data is placed in the Ortheo3d app, along with intuitive suggestions, an AI module and an educational platform.

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