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FitFoot360 & FitMill360 - Custom Orthotic 3D Printing & CNC Machining
A Produkt of: FIT360 Ltd

FitPrint360 adds features and workflows that allow users to include print specific components, like embossed logos, variable shore hardness structures (infill), stiffening ribs and other features too complex to include by traditional manufacturing methods. The goal is always patient outcome, so our workflows ensure that clinical outcome takes precedence over aesthetics.
FitFoot360 uses boolean and voxel modelling technologies to create complex 'print-ready' solid models (STL & 3MF) both FDM & Powder Print hardware technologies.

We also have a CAM engine (FitMill360) for creating CNC toolpaths. We cater for rigid insoles (double sided machining of Polypropylene), soft (machining EVA cleanly to remove grinding operations) and positive moulds (machining in wood or foam for vacuum forming or carbon fiber layup).


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