14 - 17 May 2024 OTWorld
Software CAM and Milling Machine for Orthopedics - HSM 1004 C ORTHO
A Produkt of: DIENG S.R.L.

The HSM C Ortho Line is a line of milling machines designed and manufactured entirely in Italy for orthopedic workshops.
Simple and Intuitive = The machine allows inexperienced workers to operate it and this will reduce the overall trai- ning costs.
Compact = The small dimensions, the low weight and the ability to move on wheels, enable the machine for othopedics to be installed in offices and otherwise inaccessible areas.
Flexible = Thanks to OrthoCAM, to the OrthoBLOCK system and to OrthoLIB, it’s possible to realize different models quickly.
Cost-effective = Due to the low purchase, training and maintenance expenses, the production costs are reduced. So this will increase the overall competitiveness of the machine.

Thanks to its 4 axes, the machine is able to produce customized external prostheses and orthoses (busts, Kafo, Afo, Seats, Stumps, Orthopedic Insoles, Shape of shoes, Cranical helmet) eliminating any waste of time.

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